Body monologues is a space for sharing and creating awareness and dialogue about our experiences in our bodies. It is about learning to take care of our bodies, learning to enjoy them, learning to appreciate them, and learning to honor them. It is about the journey from self hate and self abuse to self acceptance and self love. Body monologues was inspired by a realization that occurred in yoga, a realization of the abuse that we inflict upon ourselves. 

Body monologues first occurred as a public event on February 13th, 2010 in Halifax. Seven people spoke about their relationships with their bodies -  body image, suicide, abuse, an incompetent cervix, contemplating breast reduction surgery, Crohn’s disease... Since then we have done over a dozen shows, workshops, keynotes, lectures, panel discussions, and yoga classes. 

Body monologues is searching for stories of inspiration, for monologues, for personal journeys, and for expressions of your experience with your body.

Body monologues is a not-for-profit organization founded by Lindsey White and Mandy Wintink. 

Lindsey and Mandy share how Body Monologues came to be as they prepare to interview past performers. See the interviews on the YouTube Channel here.

Lindsey and Mandy's 2011 Body Monologue. To see more monologues visit the YouTube Channel here.